Transformers TCG

Wave 4 FAQ

  • A Revenge ability is a triggered ability that triggers when the character with the ability is KO’d. There aren’t that many of them. They’re a Decepticon thing. The Decepticons must be up to something.
Battle Masters & Weaponizers
  • Battle Masters and Weaponizers are characters that start in bot mode and can be played in their Upgrade mode after they are KO’d. They don’t have alt modes and can’t flip while they are on the battlefield.
    In Siege 2 (Wave 4), there are two Weaponizers, each made up of two cards. They start assembled together in bot mode. When one of these Weaponizers is KO’d, it splits into two different Upgrades that you can then play. These Upgrades can be played on separate characters or onto the same character.
    After a Battle Master or Weaponizer Upgrade would leave the battlefield, it’s put into your KO area instead.
Battle Cards in the KO Area
Captain Omega Supreme - Transport - City Defender
Raider Skytread - Special Ops - Soldier
Captain Astrotrain - Space Force - Transport
Captain Jetfire - Engineering - Air Guardian
Lockdown - Bounty Hunter
Lord Megatron - Conqueror of Cybertron
Sergeant Six-Gun - Artillery - Soldier
MTX-S2A Guided Missile Launcher
Private Fixit - Rescue Patrol - Medic
Private Hot Rod - Infantry - Soldier
  • Reshuffling your deck is when you shuffle your scrap pile into your deck because your deck is empty. If you shuffle your deck for another reason, that’s not “reshuffling your deck.” That’s just shuffling your deck.
  • The card under Hot Rod is basically out of play for a while. It’s not considered on the battlefield, even though that’s where it is physically, so none of its abilities apply. If it’s an Upgrade, that Upgrade isn’t on Hot Rod, and so on. It’s also not in your scrap pile, so it won’t be shuffled into your deck when it’s empty. The card is used by its bot mode ability.
Private Seawatch - Rescue Patrol - Search & Rescue
Private Sidetrack - Battle Patrol - Demolitions
Private Turbo Board - Air Command - Evac
Private Vanguard - Ground Command - Advance Guard
Raider Caliburst - Air Force - Weapons
Sergeant Barricade - Infantry - Enforcer
Sergeant Mirage - Special Ops - Spy
Sergeant Springer - Special Ops - Aerial Defense
Brunt - Artillery Drone
4-Wheel Drive
Multi-Missile Pod
Battlefield Incursion
Blast Suit
Composite Armor
Contract Contingency
Crude Club
  • Yes. Even with no other Upgrades, the upgraded character will get +1 attack from just the Crude Club.
Daring Escape
Defensive Configuration
Dual Wield
Energy Transfer
Even the Score
Guarded Posture
Head-on Collision
Heroic Resolve
Increased Durability
Indestructible Sword
Involuntary Promotion
Jam Signals
Kinetic Intensifier Whip
Lucky Vest
Minor Medic Kit
Opportune Offensive / Opportune Repairs
Overwhelming Advantage
Pincer Movement
Relentless Invasion
  • Yep. Yours or your opponent’s. Even if there’s no damage to repair.
Shoulder Holster
Step Forward
Sturdy Javelin
Valuable Contract