Transformers TCG

Wave 2 and 3 FAQ

  • It would be hard to have a set called Rise of the Combiners without… the Combiners!
    Combiners are teams of characters that join in a third mode called Combiner mode. Most teams have a corresponding battle card called an Enigma that combines the team under the right circumstances. One Combiner in this set (Dreadwing - Sky Destroyer) has a different way of combining.
    When a character is combined, it starts untapped and it gets all the damage counters from the characters that formed it. It can keep upgrades from those characters based on its upgrade slots. Unless the Combiner says differently, it will have 1 Weapon slot, 1 Utility slot, and 1 Armor slot like most characters. If there are too many Upgrades to fit into a slot, you can keep as many as you can fit, and the rest are scrapped.
    A character in Combiner mode is a single character, even though it’s made up of multiple cards. When it attacks, the whole thing becomes tapped. If it’s KO’d (and somehow you haven’t lost the game), it stays in Combiner mode in the KO area.
    A character in Combiner mode can’t flip. Ignore any instruction to flip it. Also, a character in Combiner mode can’t “break apart” into its individual cards.
Triple Changer
Green Battle Icon
  • Plan is a new keyword that helps set up devastating battles. When instructed to plan, you may
    put up to the specified number of cards from your hand back on top of your deck. If you put
    more than one card on top of your deck this way, you can put them there in any order.
Air Raid - Fearless Flyer
Alpha Bravo - Airborne Special Ops
Blackwing - Aerial Attacker
Blurr - Fastest Bot in the Galaxy
Decepticon Venin - Insecticon Tyrant
Dinobot Slug - Battering Ram
Dinobot Swoop - Bombardier
Dirge - Doombringer
Divebomb - Aerial Assault
Grapple - Autobot Architect
Grimlock - Powerful Commander
Menasor - Menacing Colossus
Motormaster - Stunticon Leader
Offroad - All-Terrain Soldier
Optimus Maximus - Ultimate Defender
Optimus Prime - Gleaming Commander
Predacon Rampage - Savage Hunter
Razorclaw - Predacon Leader
Silverbolt - Aerialbot Leader
  • Silverbolt’s ability will trigger after you’ve flipped battle cards (assuming you flip the required battle icons). He’ll be in bot mode when it’s time to calculate attack damage, so you’ll use his base 3 attack. Note that if he flips to bot mode, and his bot mode ability KO’s the defender, Silverbolt won’t do attack damage.
Skywarp - Teleporting Seeker
Starscream - Decepticon King
Thrust - Supersonic Interceptor
Torox - Fueler
Volcanicus - Fiery Champion
Warpath - Confident Sharpshooter
Aerialbot Formation
Ancient Wisdom
Attack Drone
Combat Commands
Cooling Vents
Defensive Driving
Electrified Spikes
Enemy Combat Analysis
Energized Field
Erratic Lightning
Field Communicator
Focus Fire
Fog of War
  • Actually, you each scrap cards at the same time. Each player should choose the cards they’re going to scrap and set them aside without revealing them. Once both players are ready, they turn them face up and put them in their scrap pile.
Inferno Breath
Intelligence Mission
Leap of Faith
Mounted Missiles
Press the Advantage
Recon System
Spare Parts
Tech Research
Tooth and Claw
Unleash Potential
Battle Master
Tap Ability
Secret Action
Black Battle Icon
  • There’s a new battle icon on some battle cards in War for Cybertron: Siege I. It’s black! What
    does it mean? If you’re on the attack, hopefully good things for you.
    For each black battle icon you flip while attacking, your character gets pierce 1 until end of turn.
    Remember that pierce numbers add up, so flipping two black icons in an attack will give your
    attacker pierce 2, and so on.
  • No. Black battle icons flipped on defense won’t give your character pierce. (And pierce
    doesn’t work on defense anyway.)
Alpha Trion - Cybertronian Sage
Captain Elita-1 - Special Ops - Ranger
Captain Ironhide - Infantry - Bodyguard
Captain Wheeljack - Engineering - Scientist
  • You use it before the game begins. After you put the Brainstorm into your hand, you’ll shuffle the rest of your deck. Then you’ll draw the normal 3 cards at the start of the game. This means you’ll start the game with 4 cards in hand (Brainstorm plus the 3 you draw). You’ll still draw a card at the start of your first turn.
  • No. You play your third action in a turn only once.
Major Shockwave - Applied Sciences - Scientist
Major Ultra Magnus - Infantry - City Commander
  • You use it before the game begins. You’ll put Ultra Magnus Armor onto Major Ultra Magnus, then shuffle the rest of your deck and draw 3 cards for your opening hand.
Private Red Heat - Infantry - Emergency Response
Private Sideswipe - Infantry - Soldier
  • Battle Masters in your KO area will be in their upgrade mode, either because they were played and subsequently left the battlefield or because you didn’t play the upgrade after the character was KO’d. This means they won’t be characters in the KO area and won’t add to Private Sideswipe’s bonus.
Private Trailbreaker - Infantry - Fortification & Defense
  • You use it before the game begins. You’ll put Force Field onto Private Trailbreaker, then shuffle the rest of your deck and draw 3 cards for your opening hand.
Raider Ion Storm - Infantry - Rainmaker
Raider Road Hugger - Infantry - Tactics
Raider Runabout - Infantry - Soldier
Raider Storm Cloud - Infantry - Electronic Warfare
Sergeant Cog - Artillery - Mechanic
Sergeant Hound - Infantry - Recon
Sergeant Skrapnel - Infantry - Electronic Warfare
Sergeant Skywarp - Black Ops - Seeker
Specialist Ratchet - Engineering - Rescue & Repair
Backup Bag
Battering Ram
Battlefield Scan
Dampening Field
Reactive Armor
Emergency Defense Field
Energy Pack
Fuel Cache
Full Loadout
Heroic Team-Up
Hiding Spot
Laser Cutlass
Point-Defense System
Unconventional Flying Object
W-5 Gyro Blaster