Transformers TCG

Wave 1 FAQ

Deck & Team Construction
Autobots & Decepticons
  • As long as that character is untapped, sure. (The basic rules used with the Autobot Starter Set say that a character can’t attack twice in a row, but that rule isn’t part of the Advanced Rules.)
Bold & Tough
  • Pierce tells you the minimum amount of damage a character can do in an attack, although a character can never do more damage than its attack total. For example, say a character with Pierce 2 attacks. After flipping battle cards, the attack total is 5 and the defense total is 4. Normally, the character with Pierce would do only 1 damage, but because of Pierce, it does 2 damage instead. This also works if the attack total is equal to or less than the defense total. Say the attacker has an attack total of 5, but this time it runs into a massive defense total of 9. If that character had Pierce 2, it would still do 2 damage. If the character with Pierce 2 had an attack total of only 1, it would do 1 damage against any defense total.
  • Yes. For example, say a character with Pierce 4 attacks Insecticon Skrapnel in bot mode. (He has the ability "This can't take more than 3 attack damage from a single attack.") After battle cards are flipped, the attacking character would do 2 damage, but Pierce raises that to 4. Insecticon Skrapnel’s ability would then reduce the damage done to 3.
Triggered Abilities
  • A triggered ability is an ability that’s caused by a specified game action. They’re usually written in the
    form "When [something happens] -> [effect]." The effect happens just after the specified game action is
    taken. For example, many characters have triggered abilities that start with "When you flip to this
    mode." The effects of these abilities happen immediately after you flip the character to the appropriate
  • Triggered abilities always happen one at a time. If all the triggered abilities belong to one player, that
    player chooses their order. If both players have triggered abilities that would happen at the same time,
    first the player whose turn it is handles all their triggered abilities in any order, then the other player
    does the same with their triggered abilities.
Arcee - Skilled Fighter
Autobot Cosmos - Recon & Communication
Autobot Hound - Long-Range Scout
Autobot Jazz - Special Ops
Autobot Mirage - Lone Wolf
Bumblebee - Courageous Scout
Bumblebee - Legendary Warrior
Chop Shop - Sneaky Insecticon
Chromia - Special Ops
Cliffjumper - Renegade Warrior
Demolisher - Devoted Decepticon
Dinobot Sludge - Mighty Stomper
Dinobot Snarl - Desert Warrior
Grimlock - Dinobot Leader
Inferno - Fearless Firefighter
Insecticon Skrapnel - Insecticon Leader
Jetfire - Air Guardian
Megatron - Living Weapon
Nemesis Prime - Dark Clone
Optimus Prime - Battlefield Legend
Prowl - Military Strategist
Ransack - Insecticon Commando
Slipstream - Strategic Seeker
Sunstorm - Fusion Flyer
Thundercracker - Mach Warrior
Wheeljack - Weapons Inventor
Aerial Recon
Agility of Bumblebee
Backup Plan
Battle Ready
  • First, choose your first Action. Carry out all its instructions and set it aside. Then choose your second Action and carry out its instructions. Note that you don’t have to choose the Actions ahead of time. For example, if your first Action lets you draw a card, and that card is an Action, you could play that Action as your second one.
Bug Bomb
  • Yes. If a card tells you to do multiple things, always do them in order. First, you’ll draw a card. Then you scrap an enemy Upgrade. Finally, your opponent scraps a card from their hand. (This means they’ll know what Upgrade you scrap before deciding what card to scrap from their hand.)
Cargo Trailer
Collateral Damage
Crushing Size
Crushing Treads
Drill Arms
Equipment Enthusiast
Force Field
Fusion Cannon of Megatron
Grenade Launcher
Hunker Down
I Still Function!
  • A KO’d character has damage counters on it equal to its health. Note that this is true even if it took more damage while on the battlefield. For example, if a character with 7 health takes 10 damage, it ends up in the KO area with 7 damage counters. If you return it with I Still Function!, it will end up with 6 damage counters.
  • It stays in whatever mode it was KO’d in. If you haven’t already flipped one of your characters, you can flip the returned character to its other mode.
Null-Ray of Starscream
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
Peace Through Tyranny
Photon Bomb
Rapid Ascent
Roll Out!
Salvage for Parts
Scrapper Gauntlets
Start Your Engines
Static Laser of Ironhide
  • Yes. Those characters will get the +3 attack bonus, but they will be damaged by Static Laser of Ironhide’s ability when they attack. If the Upgraded character is Ironhide, that ability won’t do anything and Ironhide can attack without being damaged.
Swap Missions
Swap Parts
System Reboot
Team-Up Tactics
Turbo Boosters