Transformers TCG

Aequitas Rules Roundup 2020-10-01

Dinobot Enigma
Cargo Trailer
    • One cargo trailer → +1 attack
    • Two cargo trailers → +4 attack
    • Three cargo trailers → +9 attack

    Each cargo trailer checks for how many cargo trailers are on the bot. So, with three cargo trailers equipped,
    the first one checks, sees that three cargo trailers are on the bot, and adds three attack. Then the second one
    checks and adds an additional three attack and so on.
Gold Bumblebee - Electrum Warrior
Perceptor - Precise Sniper
Peace Through Tyranny
I Still Function!
  • You can't bring back a Body mode character from KO because it won't have a head. Effects like I Still Function! and Involuntary Promotion will not work at all to bring back a Body. You can, however, bring back a Head from KO because it will be in Bot mode (and only in Bot mode).
Head Mode & Body Mode
Tidal Wave - Dark Fleet (Battleship)
Better Things To Do Than Die