Transformers TCG

Aequitas Rules Roundup 2020-09-14

Sonic-Stun Gun
Start Your Engines
Blitzwing - Relentless Foe
  • No. Your starting team are the visible cards you present to your opponent at the beginning of the game to show you have an acceptable numbers of stars. These are the sides of the cards that show their star cost. Given this, Blitzwing is a Tank on your starting team unless you are playing the Master Converter stratagem, in which case Blitzwing is both a Tank and Plane on your starting team.
Wolfwire - Ground Tracker
  • Yes. In bot-mode, Wolfwire's ability indicates that instead of the game concept of swapping a green battle icon, Wolfwire can put one in hand. While Wolfwire, with a Melee trait, is unable to swap a card for Paralyzo Box due to its Ranged hybrid green battle icon, it is still a green battle icon and qualifies for his ability.
Lucky Dodge
Tidal Wave - Dark Fleet (Aircraft Carrier)
Reflect Damage
Lord Megatron - Conqueror of Cybertron
Intrusion Countermeasures Software
Head Mode & Body Mode
  • No. A character in Body mode is not also in Bot mode. This means that cards like Escape Route do not flip a Body mode character to Alt mode. For an example of a card that works with both Body mode and Bot mode characters, look at how Mission Briefing explicitly says 'in bot mode or body mode'.
    Note that cards like Start Your Engines and Hunker Down do not flip the characters from Body mode to Alt mode, however if the characters have Car and Tank traits respectively, they still get the secondary effects of those cards.
Topspin - Air & Space Assault